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Work and live in an urban village?

At the Leeds Round Foundry, where many residents live and work in the same close-knit community, a business hub gives small businesses and those working from home easy access to the sort of office facilities most workers take for granted. Residents also benefit from improved social links and networking opportunities. But making this sort of service viable takes much careful planning. Toby Hyam recalls lessons learnt setting up the Round Foundry’s business hub

You can choose to have it all

In the debate over child care and working parents, wage-earning mothers typically come first in the firing line. But there's an alternative, suggests Emma Jones – with home-based working mothers can pursue profitable enterprise without compromising child care

Broadband catching on

Projected broadband take-up in UK homes indicates a sharp increase in the number of households wanting round-the-clock email and internet access. And country dwellers are fasting catching up with urban residents

On-line at home

The number of adults accessing the internet from home is rising fast, according to new government research. But it gives no hint as to whether home-based businesses are driving the trend

Home-based business slashing start-up costs

Setting up your own business has never been easier, according to Enterprise Nation. After a Microsoft survey found one-in-five new start-ups beginning on a shoestring, EN did its own research

Home is best for american entrepreneurs

Putting a figure on the number of businesses run from home has long been a problem for UK analysts. But in the US, a new report has calculated both the numbers and their contribution to the economy

Self employment: 'record high'

Self-employed and working from home? You're swimming with the tide, according to the latest tranch of figures from the Office of National Statistics

Predicted: 12 million homeworkers by 2020

We're not the only ones predicting a surge in people choosing to cut out the commute by working from home. One of Britain's leading financial institutions has come to the same conclusion

Homeworking reviving Leeds district

Leeds has in the past five years seen the stunning revival of its economic fortunes. And offering work premises right on people's doorsteps is proving essential to the Yorkshire town's regeneration

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