Getting work in balance

Are work commitments, or even guilt about unfinished tasks, creeping into your home life? Time to take stock and get things back into balance, advises purely peppermint's Rachael Ross

Managing isolation

Drifting off in your own private home-business bubble? Home working organiser Rachael Ross offers advice on keeping in touch with the rest of the working world

Peppermint-flavoured money savers

As the UK’s economic woes pile up taking a close look at our own home-working practices can make financial sense. Home office organising expert Rachael Ross offers some timely advice

Isolation, prevarication, office chaos - take Peppermint!

Live/working and home-based working inevitably bring new challenges for anyone more accustomed to the traditional office. Creating an environment conducive to productivity is Purely Peppermint's specialism. And by way of an introduction, they've come up with some tips for keeping the family at bay

Tax issues for live/work

One query that arises regularly from visitors to liveworkhomes is 'what are the taxes?'. And as anyone who has ever filled in a tax return knows, finding out what you're expected to pay, what relief you're entitled to and what you're exempt from paying is far from straightforward. But we've given it our best stab