getting wired

Here you will find ideas for making the most of broadband, telephony, wireless networking and a whole range of modern communications tools for live/work developments and individual properties.

24 hours to go: broadband

It’s been two years since liveworkhomes delved into the digital spaghetti to unravel the options on offer for live/workers and others trying to run a business from home. So we’re hugely grateful to for a guide to today’s market that even we can understand

Live/work homes - wired for business


The last five years have seen huge advances in communications technology. But the huge array of gadgetry, cabling, hardware and software coming onto the market, complete with the unnervingly expanding terminology, has left many of us scratching our heads, unsure quite where to start. Not least is the concern that what we fork out for today will next week be fit only for the recycling bin