designing live/work

Top 10 tips for live/work space

Live/work units are typically sold as an empty shell. So how do you go about turning this blank canvas into your ideal home and work space? Interior designer Helena Angelides draws on her own first-hand experience of live/work to offer some excellent pointers

What you can expect from turning live/work


OK, so you’ve taken the plunge and decided to buy or rent a live/work property. What should you be looking out for, and what can you reasonably expect for your money?

Designing live/work: have you ticked the right boxes?


Live/work schemes are not as a rule aimed at the sort of business that can usefully be run from a spare room at home. If you’re designing or building live/work properties, what will put your development ahead of the competition? We take a look at the boxes you’ll need to tick, from floor weighting to planning conditions