live/work people

As more and more of us abandon the comfort blanket of the traditional office (and the far less comforting long commute), we take a look at the brave pioneers of home-based working... be it in a purpose-built live/work property, a home office or the garden shed.

photographers’ gallery

Living proof that photographers who work together can live together. Wayne Parker and Lenka H Rayn turned an empty shell at the far end of Havelock Walk into their first live/work unit

Floorboard commuter

Eat your heart out Crufts – live/work is tailor made for dog appreciation, says New York-based journalist Mark Martin

Rye wordsmith

On England's south coast Diane Nicholls has mastered the fine art of flexible working, balancing lexicography with dog entertainment

The fine art of Havelock live/work

Painter Elizabeth Chisholm is an artist based at the Havelock Walk live/work community in Forest Hill, south east London

Stylish business

Fashion designer Avshalom Gur is a West Ferry success story, having expanded his growing empire to fill two adjacent live/work units.