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The live/work market is now expanding rapidly across the country. As this happens Live/Work Homes will offer a growing choice of properties for those who seek to end commuting and combine the costs of home and workspace in one property. What was once a London phenomenon is becoming a more common type of development in many towns, cities and villages across the UK.

This resource is run by Live Work Network, the UK's leading information service on live/work. Live Work Network has advised the government, developers, local authorities and regeneration agencies for years on how to create the best possible live/work schemes. We have an unrivalled understanding of what live/work businesses really need.

Live/Work Homes is therefore more than a property website. It is a showcase for an exciting new market that is set to grow rapidly in coming years, as more people run businesses from home. New technology, resistance to commuting and the growing costs of paying for separate homes and work spaces are all making live/work an exciting option for many self employed people. The live/work lifestyle is also an opportunity to contribute to the fight against global warming.


Today in the UK over two million already work mainly from home. But few have a property designed to make this as convenient as possible. Live/work is changing this. Those who buy or rent a live/work property are fast-tracking to the future when live/work will become increasingly commonplace, we believe.

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