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Live/Work Homes is for people who want a property�that saves time, saves money and does its bit to save the planet.

It is the UK's only dedicated live/work property search website, promoting properties specially designed to combine workspace and home.

The website was established in 2006 by leading live/work experts Live Work Network, with two main aims:

  • to help define and raise the profile of this young but exciting new property market in the UK
  • to establish live/work as a normal property use with well understood environmental and cost benefits for those who choose it.


We are not an estate agency and this is not a residential property website. Live/Work Homes�will remain committed exclusively to live/work property and to the live/work lifestyle.

If you are looking to buy or rent something like this, you have come to the right place...

Why a specialist website?

Before Live/Work Homes was launched, buyers told us that finding a live/work property was like looking for a needle in a haystack. If lucky they might chance across one on websites dominated by residential or pure commercial properties, or perhaps in a local paper. But they were often not lucky. Where could they search for live/work in one place without scouring few residential websites or large numbers of different local papers?

We set out to change this experience, making it easier than ever before to access live/work property and get specialist information on mortgages, tax and more.

Our sister site www.liveworknet.com is for those who promote or develop live/work. This site is for live/workers themselves - especially those who want to buy or rent this kind of property and join the live/work revolution.

This is a new market, but it is one that is growing fast. We will offer the most up to date information on the live/work experience to buyers and tenants alike.

Who runs Live/Work Homes?

This website is run by Live Work Network, the UK's only one stop information service on live/work property.

Live Work Network is a membership organisation for everyone with an interest in providing live/work units - properties that combine workplace and home with no compromise.

As well as running a dedicated website, the network also holds seminars, keeps its 300 plus member in touch with e-news and links them with one another to encourage knowledge-sharing.

Live Work Network advises various government departments and agencies on good practice. It also offers a consultancy service to local authorities, developers and regeneration agencies.

The network has published a number of influential national policy reports on live/work and home working in recent years - for organisations including the Housing Corporation, Commission for Rural Communities, Work Foundation and Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

Read more on Live Work Network.


Live Work Network Ltd is�UK registered company no 4474552 (VAT reg 777301323). �

Why promote property on Live/Work Homes?

  • We are the UK's only dedicated live/work property website
  • We don't just promote individual live/work properties. We promote the whole live/work concept
  • We help brand live/work property as future-facing and environmentally friendly
  • By doing so we are helping to define and promote the new UK live/work market
  • We link prospective buyers to developers and agents' own websites with no fuss
  • We are run by the country's leading advisers on live/work property, Live Work Network. We are credible live/work experts with an interest in promoting genuine live/work property
  • Live Work Network's website www.liveworknet.com links buyers to this site. It regularly tops google worldwide for those searching for 'live/work'
  • We can help developers pre-market property to gather evidence to assist planning applications
  • Advertised properties on our website are also syndicated on fish4homes.co.uk, the UK's leading residential property site.


If you would like to know more about how you can use Live/Work Homes to reach this unique audience, do get in touch:

Janet Ross 01736 333073


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