Managing isolation

No matter what your personality type, staring at the same four walls everyday can get to you. Even the most self-sufficient person needs some company to stay healthy and intellectually stimulated.

It can be lonely working from home even if you’re doing it for the peace and quiet and to avoid the constant interruptions that were lowering your productivity at the office.

There are no advantages to be gained from isolating yourself from the rest of the business world. Keep in regular contact with your colleagues, business associates, friends and family. This will prevent you from being engulfed in a little ‘working from home bubble’. 

When you work in an office regular interaction with colleagues comes about naturally. Based at home, either as an employee or entrepreneur, this takes a conscious decision and a bit of effort but it will help to prevent a sense of isolation. 

Think what type of contact it is that you miss. Do you miss the kitchen chat about last night’s TV? Do you miss not having someone to discuss ideas with? Or do you miss just knowing someone is there to talk to when things are not going quite right?

Here are a few ideas that might help:

online networking groups

There are countless online communities where you can post business questions, promote your company and chat with like-minded individuals. Make sure you don’t spend too much time online. Scheduling your networking time may keep a check on this.

local networking groups

Why not get out to join local networking events. They are a great place to find help and support. Research groups in your area to find one that will meet your business requirements.


A real boost is having another business professional you can call on for support, advice and the occasional kick up the pants. I personally have to thank my own mentor for several of my successes.

café office

Why not relocate temporarily to what I call a ‘café office? Schedule a meeting with colleagues or a potential client in a café. Many have wi-fi so can be a great place to spend a few hours working in a different setting.

Attend socials

If you are a home-working employee remind your employers that you are still a vital part of the team by attending networking socials. This will increase your rapport with team members, you’ll meet new contacts and have some fun.

Get exercise

Nothing beats isolation like leaving your home/office to play a sport or exercise with a friend.  Even a power walk at lunchtime with a neighbour can cure the loneliness.

Rachael Ross is director of Purely Peppermint

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